Sleep Apnea Treatment With CPAP & BiPAP Equipment

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Sleep Apnea Treatment With CPAP & BiPAP Equipment

Does your CPAP machine chafe your face? Are you looking for a more comfortable way to sleep while using your unit? There are ways to help you with your problems. People who suffer from sleep apnea often don’t realize that when they buy the CPAP machine, it isn’t a “what you see is what you get” kind of situation. There are supplies that you can purchase separately to repair, maintain or upgrade your model. CPAP Supplies

Often times, the mask can be uncomfortable and need adjustment. There are options for you to switch out that mask for a different one or get add-ons such as nasal and forehead pillows. The pillows can aid you in providing a cushion for the mask to stop rubbing and pressing on your skin for softer contact with your face. They provide relief in a way that the mask can still deliver air while eliminating those other annoying problems.

Not only the cushions, but the entire mask can be replaced. There are masks available that have padding around the edge to gently rest on your face without leaving any lacerations or indentations. The design can come in a smaller or larger size to fit your face appropriately. There are masks available that you will not even know are there. Whether you want one for full face or just a nasal model there is something you will find most comfortable for your situation. If you would like to have new headgear or chin straps added, there are designs that will bring contentment to your sleep cycle. The chin strap is made to fit your face in such a way that you will not have to worry about it falling off while you sleep or rubbing and irritating your skin.

It has been an issue for users with germs forming in the hose because of the moisture. There is an option for choosing a disposable hose. This will keep everything sterilized each time you use your CPAP machine. The reusable ones are good too because they are dishwasher safe and flexible. You can find premium tubing for your machine as well. Lightweight and flexible models will reduce tugging, pulling and tangling to help you keep your nights pleasant.

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