Coimbatore – South India’s Tourism Paradise

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Coimbatore – South India’s Tourism Paradise

Coimbatore, The Manchester of South India as it is popularly called is South India’s second largest city. Situated on the banks of the Noyyal River, this city holds centuries of traditional history. The industrial development right from the earlier days has made it the center for industrial establishments. A tour to the Asian continent or India should have the southern captivating city in the travel itinerary.

The history of Coimbatore dates back to the second century. With a lot of information in books, epics and poems, this city is known to people all over the world. The geographical location and climate of the city invites tourist folks from all corners. Coimbatore borders Kerala and is surrounded by the Western Ghats on the North and West with reserve forests, and Noyyal River in the southern part. Only the eastern part of the city is dry. Enriched with mountain ranges, the city is encircled by rich fauna and flora.

Celebrated as one of South India’s city of entrepreneurship, Coimbatore is home to a number of industries in all sectors. Education, IT, textiles, manufacturing, jewelry and what not this city has! With a number of holy temples and churches, this particular destination is an eye for tourists who hunt for holy destinations. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Antique bikes, cars and jeeps on one end, pilgrims on the other end, international tourists keen about touring the nearby hill stations, cultural lovers in search for those traditional south Indian cuisine with Halwa, idli, dosai and any dish served in banana leaf, exotic animal breeds grazing, those natural waters from dams and rivers, educational setups with ample employment opportunities, base for sports and recreation, numerous health care centers…I guess a visit to the city would give you the best of your lifetime. Have a little fuss about your travel? No worries, buddies! Coimbatore is such an awesome city with all means of transportation.¬†Coimbatore tourism¬†can bring in you the complete blend of historic and modern treasures!

“The South is a great driving destination for tourism – heritage, cultural and many other types of tourism” -Sonny Perdue

Travelling to different destinations is like reading a book. You get through each and every emotion of a story. The same happens with travel as well. You learn something and it is a different experience each time.

A destination that is a power pack of anything that you expect from a tour would certainly stick to your mind for the rest of your life. A visit to the South Indian city Coimbatore would be such a breathtaking experience for anyone who visits the city.

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