Chores For Children

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Chores For Children

My husband and I believe that chores for children are important to teach certain values and responsibility. Furthermore, the chores allow children to play a role in the family picture that is helpful to Mom and Dad. Messes are made by the entire family and should be cleaned up by the entire family. However, the age of the children does matter; chores need to be age-appropriate. We don’t want to frustrate or discourage our children from helping; we need to teach them effectively.

There are various chores for children such as having them make their beds, keeping their rooms clean, pulling weeds, putting their freshly-done laundry away, tidying up the bathroom after using it, and the list goes on. I will share just a few with you and some ideas to make them easier. Chores for children don’t have to mean hard labor, but it does teach them to be more independent and it frees up some time for Mom and Dad as well.

One of many chores for children can be having them make their beds. Now, depending on their age, children can be taught to make their beds all by themselves. My children started making their beds when they were about three. Now, mind you, it wasn’t the way I would make it, but they had to learn somehow. However, the Number One mistake I believe that parents could do is to go back into their children’s rooms after their beds are made and redo them. This should never be done, because it only discourages your children and forces them to feel their bed-making abilities could never measure up to Mom or Dad’s standards. My children’s bed-making habits became better and better with time, although, laziness settled in occasionally, and a quick check to make sure it was done fairly neatly was needed.

Second of many chores for children can be having them keep their rooms clean. Now, some children tend to just go from toy to toy to toy and never pick them up as they go along, and eventually the toys are everywhere and pieces of games are lost. Besides that, the children’s belongings tend to be dropped here and there and forgotten about. Well, my husband and I, since our children were old enough to walk, have diligently tried to teach our children to pick up their toys as soon as they are done playing with them. It hasn’t always been easy, but consistency is the key. We should never give up no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes.

Now, I will share with you something our neighbors shared with us that they did years ago to ensure that their children picked up their toys. Now, it may seem like drastic measures, but they said it worked for them. You can decide for yourself if it is something you might want to try. What they did was when their children repeatedly did not pick up their toys or belongings, they would gather them up and put them in a garbage bag and put the bag in the garage. They left it there for a week or more hidden, so the children would think that they were gone forever. They didn’t actually dispose of the bag, but the children had thought they did, and eventually, they brought it back into the house. Apparently, that tactic worked for them, because their children feared losing anymore toys or belongings, and from that point on, they decided to pick up after themselves. So, again, it is a personal decision to make whether or not to follow suit. posters barnrum

The third of many chores for children can be having them pull weeds. Now, nobody likes to pull weeds, especially, I think, children. But, one rule in our house is and has always been: if you complain, you’ll get more to do. So, our children are aware of the fact that if we hear complaining, that’s all the more weeds that they have to pull all by themselves. We do have some good friends that gave my husband and me a great idea for a punishment for un-behaved children. Our friends would have their children every time a punishment was needed to go out and pull weeds. We just thought that was an ingenious idea, because as we all know, weeds are never-ending. Children, if they know their punishment will be pulling weeds, will work that extra hard at behaving just for the sake of not having to do that chore!

Chores for children are unlimited and can also be the necessary tools to provide values and responsibility needed to allow children to grow up healthy and with a willingness to help and be needed. Parents should not limit their children from doing chores just because they fear they’re overwhelming their children or giving them too much responsibility. Some day they will be out of the parental guidelines and will have a home of their own to take care of, and because of the values taught while they were growing up, parents will be giving their children a great head start.

Rachel G. LaChapelle is the website administrator for Baby Supplies [] and also a stay-at-home mom for 14 years. Please visit her site for all sorts of discounted baby items.

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